Witnessing Loss

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Sunday 12/11/2017 from 17:00 to 19:00

We experience loss in many ways. A break-up, a rejection letter, the death of a family member, a close friend moving to another country, ending a job, or failing an exam. We are constantly confronted with situations of loss and the need to cope with them. We all have our own ways of facing adversities. Sometimes we hide and sink into silence. Sometimes we play one special song over and over again. Sometimes we completely reject the reality of the loss. In witnessing personal stories of loss we (re)claim our right to grieve. In a collective search for new rituals of mourning, we create space for pain to be named.

by: Kelemen Kinga & Rarița Zbranca
producer: Temps d’Images

Dwelling in their multiple professional and personal identities that occasionally overlap, Kinga and Rarița found interest in exploring their vulnerabilities as cultural workers, women and human beings, assembling as a transient collective for a series of performative acts.