When love melted cavalries in our hearts

Exceptional performance on the humanity of a terrible love; a shared architecture, muscled by words and rude liberty, about ”fixing of the body” over the exterior milieu, with the heart poised above the gut, a constructed metaphor for the staticism of love, that sometimes you just have to tell the whole world about it.

Alex Mirutziu attempts new methods and novel perspectives implying a recuperation of the subject between material rearrangements, between what is seen and what is said, what is done and what can be done – between structured death and migration of suffering.

concept, directed by, scenography, video, text, performer: Alex Mirutziu
music: Flok
light design: ZDB, Eira33, Alex Mirutziu
costumes: Alexandru Nicolae, Alex Mirutziu, Rulys, Mihuț Boșcu, Eugen Roșca
with the support: ColectivA, Duplacena, Sabot Gallery
in collaboration with: ColectivA, Duplacena, Ze Dos Bois, Eira33

Contains nudity.