When I’m Not Singing

Duration 120′


Saturday 10/11/2012 from 22:30 to 00:30

Musical phrases roll off guitars and slowly accumulate into an incantation-like cinematic crescendo, occasionally displaced by the stirring noises of radio buzz and haunted mansions. Liniștea astupă goluri is by far the most amenable to repeat listens, never losing its energy. The sonic textures – haunting, droning – steer clear of the expected build-up towards the burst of cyclonic riffs and instead implode and fade away like black dwarfs – a perfect post-rock elegy. The outcome? Disquiet. Frisson. ADDICTION.

Dan Vamanu, Revista Echinox

About the artists

Alternativ Quartet – Cluj 2008. Liniștea astupă goluri (2010), Aripi (2011), Când nu cânt (2012). #post-rock #post-metal #psychedelic #experimental