What is left after the image

Duration 45′


Thursday 14/10/2010 from 21:00 to 21:45

The image as a form of aggregation in the artistic space of progress and technological advancements. The moving image, bi or three dimensional image, the document-image, the concept-image, the image which substitutes and accompanies.

A free discussion between theory and practice, on the present, on the permeability, durability and image disappearance of performing arts, from how the image is used as drama element in the works of the invited artists to find a possible answer to the question: and after image, where? What is image’s development potential as an artistic means? When, how will the image reach its own significance limit – and which will be its posterity?

moderator: Iulia Popovici

About the artists

Iulia Popovici is a performing arts critic and curator. She has written about the alternative performing arts scene, collectives and artists in Romania and Eastern Europe, as well as about regional identity and the social challenges of contemporary art