To-and-fro in the dust

Duration 30′


Friday 18/11/2011 from 14:40 to 15:10

Alexandra Pirici designed a project trying to create a dynamic relation between the individual, the architectural constructions now turned into national symbols of totalitarianism and, more generally, the “public monument” – which, they believe, needs no public consent in order to be solidified. The artists see it as necessary practice, as an attempt to updating or intervening, confronting and embodying them, as well as a reference point relative to something that embodies yourself and stands for “you”. Finally, the project also tries to establish a small “practice of presence” by repeating its sequences in the public space daily, for a whole month.

concept: Alexandra Pirici
Produced and supported by the National Center of Dance Bucharest

About the artists

Alexandra Pirici is an artist who works undisciplined, across different mediums, from choreography to visual arts and music (under the name Adda Kaleh). Recent works include An Immaterial Retrospective of the Venice Biennale – together with Manuel Pelmuș, exhibited in the Romanian Pavilion at the 55th edition of the Venice Biennale, and her works have been presented in contexts such as the Van Abbemuseum, Centre Pompidou, Manifesta10, or Hebbel am Uffer, among others. For Temps d’Images, Alexandra Pirici will present Delicate Instruments Handled with Care, an ongoing action co-produced by imagetanz/brut Vienna and the National Dance Center Bucharest.