The Realities of Today’s World


Friday 07/11/2014 → Sunday 09/11/2014 from 10:00 to 17:30

Starting from the documentation of today’s realities, we will try to identify common themes that interest us, challenge and obsess us, compelling us to react by analysing them through a theatrical text.

We will work in multidisciplinary teams in which the limited duties of each artist (director, actor, playwright, choreographer, visual artist, scenographer …) will be suppressed, trying to conceive a collective creation, in which the theme is chosen together, the concept is formulated in each group, and the project is developed through an ongoing dialogue between the team members.

coordinator: Alexandra Badea

About the artists

Alexandra Badea is a playwright, director, scriptwriter. In parallel with her artistic work, she conducts dramaturgy workshops and teaches at the University Paris 10 classes of Dramaturgy Writing, Directing, Acting, Contemporary performance analysis. The last play she published, Pulverized, won the Grand Prize of dramaturgical literature of the National Theatre Center in France and was staged at the National Theatre of Strasbourg.