Solo Tu (working title)

Duration 60′


Wednesday 13/10/2010 from 20:00 to 21:00

I remember when I was suspended above a mirror, an apple stood to fell on the edge of the table.
– What do you need?
– Um…
– What are you doing?
– I eat sand…

When desire disappears, there is no choice but reality… “this barren Eden”.
A reality of the body that passes, reality that ages (it) and marks (it). The reality leaves nicked in flesh the archive’s illusion of life. The body becomes the pencil which records the gestures of the real or… the lies which betray the real.

Solo Tu is based on dialogue between two types of presences. The center of interest is documenting the failure of a body or of a body of dream. A body hidden from sufferings, habits, fears and desires. The sound is documenting all what body produces and recomposes its speech. The movie (video projection) completes a possible biography.


concept/performers: Vava Ştefănescu & Julien Trambouze
choreography: Vava Ştefănescu
sound: Julien Trambouze
video: Jessica Champlaine
costumes/objects /scenography: Jessica ChamplaineDamian Adrian
producer: Colectiv A in the frame of Temps d’Images Festival
co-producers: Zamek Ujazdowski, Poland and Mains d’oeuvres, France
with the support of: The Administration of the National Cultural Fund
thanks: Romanian Cultural Institute in Paris

About the artists

Vava Ştefănescu is already a resonant name in Romanian choreography, her artistic interest are turned to interdisciplinary projects. She creates numerous performances in collaboration with leading directors from Romania, but also shows where she forms her own artistic team. Quartet for a microphone, countless times presented in Romania and abroad, is the artistic ground where she meets with Julien Trambouze. Sound artist with astonishing capacity for invention, will accompany Vava’s work in Getto Blaster or Rest by Mihai Măniuţiu.
From these experiences, the two begin the Solo Tu adventure alongside visual artist Jessica Champlain and scene designer Damian Adrian