Sacrée croissance!

Price 10
Duration 90′
Language French, with English subtitles


Saturday 12/11/2016 from 18:00 to 19:30

The new documentary by Marie-Monique Robin is primarily the story of a rupture. Between policy makers and part of the population reluctant to let impose liberal doxas, visions of the world as it should be conducted seem irreconcilable. While the first swear by growth, repeating the term as an incantation, the latter hope for other solutions and refute productivism and consumption at all costs. The discourse of the experts in the film is a formal one: as we known it in the twentieth century, growth is over, it will not return. Many parameters leave no doubt – such as the end of the era of cheap energy and the growing dependence on debt.

by: Marie-Monique Robin (FR)
producers: ARTE France and M2R Films, with the support of CCFD-Terre solidaire

About the artists

Marie-Monique Robin (born 1960, Poitou-Charentes) is a French TV journalist and documentary filmmaker. She received the 1995 Albert Londres Prize for Voleurs d’yeux (1994), a film about organ theft; best political documentary award from the French Senate for a 2003 film about the transfer of French counter-insurgency techniques (including torture) to Argentina; and the Rachel Carson Prize for her work on Monsanto.