Duration 85′
Language Romanian, with English surtitles


Monday 09/11/2015 from 21:00 to 22:25

Provisory is a theatre performance focused on the work process, pointing at the theme of the social invisibility. The performance tries to fictionalize and to make visible the histories of those who exist only in the institutions’ statistics. Ironic and incisive, Provisory addresses all those who pass by us every day and about whom we choose to know nothing.

directed by & text: Raul Coldea and Petro Ionescu
with: Cătălin Filip, Diana Nedescu/Oana Mardare, Doru Taloș
video: Cosmin Nicoară and Ana Vîjdea
producer: Reactor de creaţie și experiment

About the artists

Raul Coldea is a theater director, MA student at the Theater and Television Faculty in Cluj-Napoca. He directed What I Chose to Forget (Teatru FiX, Iasi), a show presented in 2014 at Temps d’Images and FNTi festivals. Interested in social issues, he participates in August 2015 in a Erasmus + project The complete freedom of truth in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where he holds a theater workshop in Visegrad and works with David Glass in Sebrenica.

Petro Ionescu is a graduate in Theater Studies in Cluj-Napoca, holding a Master degree in Performing Arts in Bruxelles. She focuses on dramaturgy, having her texts staged at 74 Theatre, Paintbrush Factory, FiX Theatre, Reactor. As a member of the YPAL Network (Young Performing Art Lovers), she takes part in many festivals: Reims Scenes d’Europe, Live Art Festival Hamburg, Kunstenfestivaldesarts.