Post-spectacle Trilogy

The Post-spectacle trilogy is an ongoing process, within the postspectacle practice, continuously reformed and updated that it concluded in three performances: Come to see our performance, Neocatharsis and The Presidential Candidacy. The trilogy proposes three different perspectives and approaches over the changes that are taking place in the representational arts in particular, and cultural practices, in general.

We will consider these transformations within the political status quo of our society. This is a period in which the artistic paradigms, the patterns of performing and even the way of living are changing almost too rapidly to be assimilated and reflected upon in a social-political-media-crisis context.

scenography, lights, text: Ion Dumitrescu, Florin Flueraş
coproduction: Numb Production
with the support: National Dance Centre Bucharest

About the artists

Florin Flueraș and Ion Dumitrescu are two contemporary choreographers and performers which live and work in Bucharest. Their spectacles and post-spectacles are invited both on the Romanian scenes and also international ones. The two artists are interested in the status of the performance creator within the contemporary society, in finding another type of relationship between the structures of the theater and the political reality.

Extend the “fight” domain, leave the theater!