Pizzas for the People

Duration 60′
Language Korean, with Romanian and English subtitles


Wednesday 12/11/2014 from 18:00 to 19:00

”Smuggling” has been introduced to the world! With the aim of challenging current cultural obstacles in North Korea, one of the most culturally isolated countries in the world, a South Korean artist has contacted a number of Chinese smugglers to distribute illegal propaganda over the border to North Korea, through the popular DVD format, since DVD players are widely found in North Korean homes. The work, Pizzas for the People, is a series of designed insertions that explore how design can playfully contribute and impact on a social and cultural level, subtly challenging an ideological status quo.

directed & written by: Hwang Kim
producer: Jooyoung Koh
Produced by Bo:m2011 Festival.
with the support of: Korea Arts Management Service and The Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism of Korea

The screening will be followed by an artist talk.

About the artists

Hwang Kim was born in born in Seoul in 1980 and studied design in Seoul and London. Since 2006, he is working as a designer, inter-disciplinary artist, film maker, as well as an activist. He currently lives in Amsterdam, Netherlands.