Nils’ Fucked Up Day

Duration 75′


Thursday 17/11/2011 from 21:30 to 22:45

Described by some critics as the “most obscene play in the Romanian theatre”, Nils’ Fucked Up Day (Ziua futută a lui Nils) has quite a reputation in the Romanian theatre world. It was labeled, by elder critics, as being “outrageous”, “obscene”, “vulgar”. At the same time, the play has been widely acknowledged by theatre professionals, who saw it as a rebirth of new Romanian playwriting. In 2011 Peca has rewritten the play so the performance can be shared with international audiences. Nils’ Fucked Up Day (the new English title) is now a mix of Romanian and English, combining multimedia, interactivity and a very inciting way to look at the world and its stereotypes.

text and directed by: Peca Ștefan
with: Radu Iacoban, Cătălin Babliuc, Mădălina Ghițescu, Ilinca Manolache, Tudor Aaron Istodor
scenography: Wonderboy
video: Cinty
producer: Teatrul Luni/Greenhours

About the artists

Peca Ştefan is considered to be one of the most important voices in Romanian contemporary playwriting. His work has been presented widely in Europe, the United States, and South America. His plays have won several awards, including the Heidelberg Stuckemarkt Innovation Award (2007). Peca is a partner of PopUP Theatrics (NYC).