Mothers of Steel

“Imagine the near future where two entities, artificial emotionalities – Fembot A.E. and Omnipresence – proclaim their own state of matter. They are made of steel… Mothers of Steel. Altering historical facts with future narratives, they travel back and forth in time with the help of human genetics from origins to ends, from wires to flesh, from data to memory, from face to interface. Mourning the emotional identification to their long gone countries Poland and Romania, they claim a state of their own. A state where territories and female powers are boundless.”  The project touches upon themes like memory, history, fragility, power, identity. It approaches today’s post-bodies/technological paradigms and it is an attempt to entangle the personal with the artificial.

concept and performance: Mădălina Dan (RO), Agata Siniarska (PL)
dramaturgical assistance: Mila Pavicevic, Siegmar Zacharias
sound and video: Diego Agulló
producer: Art Stations Foundation by Grazyna Kulczyk
co-producers: Lubelskie Konfirontacje Teatralne, Alfred ve Dvore (Praga), Fabrik Postdam

About the artists

Mădălina Dan is a nominee for the National Dance Centre Bucharest Awards in 2015. She initiated and produced numerous performances, debates and dance workshops. She is a constant presence on the Romanian dance scene and one of the most important artists of a new generation of dancers and choreographers. The artist was awarded for her contribution in dance and performance brought through workshops, creation labs and mentoring projects.

Agata Siniarska makes works within formats of performances, events, practices, lectures, videos, others. Having given a chance to different kinds of theatrical forms, having studied choreography, currently she devises feminist fun studies and cultivates her yearnings for language and writing, cinema and animation in the scope of her practices. She is a founding member of Female Trouble – a friendship based collective. Addicted to fiction, she conducts her investigations, fashioning herself as a tool of rhetoric, through the cultural structures inscribed to her.