Meal of the Day

Duration 60′
Language no text


Sunday 09/11/2014 from 20:30 to 21:30

An analog audio-visual meal, made from carefully selected ingredients. The audience assists the preparation of the meal, a process that takes them to a world of texture and substance, revealing new dimensions of everyday food.

First course: Primordial Soup
Main course: Beat Beans with motivational garnish

projections: Maria Brudașcă
music: Danaga

About the artists

Maria Brudașcă is a visual artist from Cluj-Napoca, graduate of the University of Art and Design Cluj-Napoca. Her work is based on graphic arts, illustration, animation, traditional graphic media and analog video. Her latest project in the field of performing arts is Desemne, an audio-visual-choreography performance, in collaboration with Danaga and Alexandra Gîrbea.

Danaga is a musician best known for his participation on the compilations Culese din cartier, BuzzRo2011, his personal album Am n-aripi, as well as the soundtracks for the performances Parallel and Desemne.