Make Room!

The performance is based on a three years elaborated documentation on the theme of ownership and its relevance in contemporary Romanian society, with a focus on major shifts in the private and public spaces. The performance documents different political contexts framing the philosophy of being part of a common space or being deprived of a private space. The dramaturgy of the performance is built at two levels: first, 8 fragments that contextualize various perspectives on property, such as a mayor promising those who vote him a perfect city, a woman fighting for a place for her cat to piss, a couple exhausted by attempts to get a house of their own; and the second level, several video-interviews with the performers, talking about their own way of approaching and dealing with the theme of property.

concept: Mihaela Michailov & David Schwartz
directed by: David Schwartz
with: Constantin Cojocaru, Florina Gleznea, Rodica Mandache, Virgil Mardare, Alice Monica Marinescu, Irina Mazanitis, Andrei Şerban
scenography: Adrian Cristea
music: Brum Conspiracy
video: Cinty Ionescu
text: Mihaela Michailov
producers: Teatrul Luni GreenHours & tangaProject

About the artists

Mihaela Michailov is a playwright and performing arts critic. She wrote documentary theatre plays – Hotheads and Underground, directed by David Schwartz, texts for kids and teenagers – Bad Kids, directed by Alexandru Mihaescu and Family Offline, directed by Radu Apostol. She has been working together with Radu Apostol in various educational theatre projects since 2012.