Lesson in Survival

Duration 150′


Tuesday 19/10/2010 from 19:00 to 21:30

Lesson in Survival is both a radio performance and a treasure hunt in the form of a full-scale role play followed by a sound installation. Lesson in Survival is a sound trap to be rendered visually, a child’s and grown-up’s play whose driving force is the participants’ paranoia. The performance is a game, a practical joke, a pretext for a unique interactive experience. As it is with every treasure hunt, the rule of the game is actually the game itself and our playground will be the streets of Cluj and the broadcast of Radio Cluj. The purpose is to create and broadcast new urban legends by maintaining the appearance of an FM radio program while inserting a far-fetched content and the landmarks and quest of the game in it.
The performance consists of one single performance (about 3 hours) taking place during a late afternoon, in the streets, and ending with an installation in a room.

makers: Oana Cristea Grigorescu (România) & Julien Trambouze (Franţa)
concept: Julien Trambouze
performers: people from Cluj
directed by: Oana Cristea Grigorescu, Julien Trambouze, Adela Coman
sound: Oana Cristea Grigorescu, Julien Trambouze
image: Laura Panait
text: Oana Cristea Grigorescu, Julien Trambouze
coproduction: Radio Cluj & Colectiv A

About the artists

Radio producer, sound designer, and performer. Since 2001 he is journalist, reporter, documentary producer for Radio France. He made the sound creation for the performances Cvartet pentru o lavalieră by Vava Stefănescu, First Steps by Mihaela Dancs and Carmen Coţofană, Ghetto Blaster, Odihna by Mihai Maniuţiu, etc. He is the artistic director of the workshop-gallery Centrifuj, in Valence, France.

Producer and journalist for Radio Cluj.