Kantor Downtown

Duration 80′
Language Polish/English with English/Romanian surtitles


Wednesday 09/11/2016 from 21:00 to 22:20

Kantor  Downtown is an installation inspired by Tadeusz Kantor’s characters, Ellen Stewart – legendary manager of LaMaMa theatre, and American artists who were part of the avant-garde scene in New York in the 70’s and 80’s. The installation was born out of the need to restore the memory and rituals of Rented Island, where underground art was blooming. It’s also about proving that counter-culture is a common legacy, one that is above continental borders and that going back to the avant-garde from the past is necessary to build its alternatives in modern culture and public discourse. Kantor’s character is being inscribed in a colorful, anarchistic, subversive, queer, feminist artistic traditions of Downtown New York. The installation has been made to look at Kantor in a different way than before.

by: Jolanta Janiczak, Joanna Krakowska, Magda Mosiewicz, Wiktor Rubin
video: Mikołaj Walenczykowski
stage manager: Hanna Gruszczyńska
with: Grzegorz Artman, Marta Malikowska and P. Arcade, L. Breuer, L. Chapman, C. Reno, G. Ferencz, J. Godmilow, B. Hammer, L. Pashalinski, O. Rodriguez, T. Skipitares, T. Walker, S. Palacios Whitman
producer: Magda Igielska

About the artists

Jolanta Janiczak is a playwright and a graduate of Psychology at the Jagiellonian University. Since 2007 (The Second Killing of a Dog by Marek Hłasko), she has worked as a playwright with Wiktor Rubin, with whom she also achieved Elementary Particles by Michel Houellebecq (2008) and The Doll by Boleslaw Prus, awarded in Opole Theatre Confrontations in 2009. In 2014 she was awarded with Paszport Polityki.

Joanna Krakowska is a theater historian, essayist and editor. She works at The Institute of Art of the Polish Academy of Sciences and in Dialogue magazine. Co-author of the books Soc and Sex.Theatrical and Non-Theatrical Diagnosis (2009) and Soc, Sex and History (2014); author of Mikołajska. Theatre and the Polish People’s Republic (2011) monograph, nominated for literary awards Nike, Gryfia and Kazimierz Moczarski Historical Award.

Magdalena Mosiewicz has graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy of the Jagiellonian University and the Department of Cinematography at the Film School in Lodz. She worked as a journalist. Curator of Warsaw programs and festivals. The author of short stories: The Hebrew Phrase and play Dreamland. As a director she has made documentaries I Still Believe and The Arrangements That Have Been Established.

Wiktor Rubin, the director, is a graduate of Sociology at the Jagiellonian University and the Department of Drama Directing of Krakow Theatre School; he also studied Philosophy at Jagiellonian University. He made his debut in 2006 with Polish premiere Mojo Mickybo by O. McCafferty. Since that time, he has prepared nearly 20 productions in theaters in Poland. In 2014, he was awarded with Paszport Polityki.