Duration 150′


Saturday 15/11/2014 from 20:30 to 22:50

inter@FACE is an artistic device that generates empathy. inter@FACE is an interdisciplinary performance where music is generated from EEG monitoring of an actor and a spectator and is produced in real time. The performance inter@FACE is a participatory cultural action that documents the cases of extreme discrimination in recent Romanian history, starting from interviews made with Jewish and Roma Holocaust survivors and going to the powerful discrimination of Roma people today, measuring the present day discrimination level.

directed by: Alexandru Berceanu
text: Andreea Chindriș, Alexandru Berceanu
with: Paul Dunca, Cătălina Bălălău, Ionuț Niculae, Liviu Popa
choreography: Ana Costea
music: Cătălin Crețu
video: Matei Dersidan, Maria Drăghici
scenography: Sabina Pavel
producer: dramAcum
partners: Colectiv A, UNATC, UNMB, FiX Theatre, ”Elie Wiesel” National Institute for the Study of Holocaust

Cultural project financed by theAdministration of the National Cultural Fund.

About the artists

Alexandru Berceanu (b. 1978) is a director and interdisciplinary artist, founder of dramaAcum. He staged more than 15 performances in state and independent theaters, some of them national and international premiers like Fuck You by Nicoleta Esinencu.