In the Near Future

Price 20/12
Duration 60′
Language Romanian, with English surtitles


Sunday 13/11/2016 from 19:00 to 20:00

What will you do tomorrow? What will you do after you leave the theatre? How do you want people to remember you? How do you see the near future? …these are some of the questions the performance tries to answer without pretending to find real solutions. In the near future talks about the fear of the future. The inability to show what will follow translates into an absurd game, preferred instead of a serious confrontation with this topic.

directed by: Cristian Ban
dramaturgy: Petro Ionescu
with: Carina Bunea, Zsolt Csepei, Cătălin Filip, Timea Udvari
producer: Reactor for Creation and Experiment in collaboration with Waiting Room Project

About the artists

Cristian Ban graduated directing in 2008. Since then, he worked in Romania at Odeon Theater Bucharest, National Theater Timișoara, Youth Theater, etc. In 2015/2016 he was an Arts Link Fellow at 7Stages, Atlanta USA. His performances were selected, nominated and awarded at major theater festivals from Romania and abroad. Since 2014 he is a member of the Reactor team.

Petro Ionescu is a graduate in Theater Studies in Cluj-Napoca, holding a Master degree in Performing Arts in Bruxelles. She focuses on dramaturgy, having her texts staged at 74 Theatre, Paintbrush Factory, FiX Theatre, Reactor. As a member of the YPAL Network (Young Performing Art Lovers), she takes part in many festivals: Reims Scenes d’Europe, Live Art Festival Hamburg, Kunstenfestivaldesarts.