I Refuse to Grow Up. If You Could Make a Small Donation

Duration 60′


Saturday 10/11/2012 from 21:00 to 22:00

Based on her student experiences busking for money on the streets of London, Vera Ion dresses as Peter Pan and, since there is a new law against making balloon animals, she panhandles by having her picture taken by a diverse cast of Londoners. The play touches on the themes of surviving as an artist, “learning by making mistakes”, and the question of the Romanian immigrant in the West, and the anxiety of young people constantly at war with themselves over their value, place in society, and ability to earn a living.

concept: Vera Ion și Bogdan Marcu
directed by/script/adaptation: Vera Ion
with: Vera Ion
video: Bogdan Marcu
producer: Scrie despre Tine 


About the artists

Director and playwright, Vera Ion is a founding member of the tangaProject group and the Generosity Offensive group. Together with Sorin Poamă, actor and dramatist, works with independent projects of development and text building, exploration of new means of theatre, community art, the exploration of reality through creative exercises and performance.

Bogdan Marcu – multi-disciplinary artist, creates video and audio mashups under the name Bogardo`s Way. Works and lives in Bucharest.