For Sale

Duration 100′
Language Romanian, with English surtitles


Tuesday 11/11/2014 from 18:00 to 19:40
Tuesday 11/11/2014 from 21:00 to 22:40

“In our documentation for the play De Vânzare / For Sale, we tried to gather perspectives, eye-witness testimonies, and questions related to the theme of land grabbing, a phenomenon which has already been going on in Romania for a good few years. Face to face with a reality that is being played out before our very eyes, we have tried to translate for the public, through theatrical means, while we were working on this play: What does the Romanian peasant of the year 2014 look like? Why is agriculture profitable for large landowners, both Romanian and foreign, while small farmers are struggling to survive? Why have the people of villages like Pungești and Roșia Montană been denied the right to decide about how they want to live in their own communities by companies like Chevron and RMGC, with the state actively participating in these abuses? What is the Romanian peasant being forced to turn into in the context of a new world order? Who feeds us, what do they feed us with, and at what price? “

Gianina Cărbunariu

During the break between the performances there will be an artist talk in the theatre bar.

directed by & text: Gianina Cărbunariu
with: Alina Berzunțeanu, Antoaneta Zaharia, Marius Damian, Gabriel Pintilei, Alexandru Potocean, Gabriel Răuță, Mihai Smarandache
coreography: Florin Fieroiu
music: Bogdan Burlacianu
scenography & video: Andu Dumitrescu
producer: Teatrul Odeon & Deutsches SchauSpielHaus Hamburg, in the frame of the international project Hunger For Trade.

About the artists

Gianina Cărbunariu is a director and playwright. Recent performances: Solitaritate, co-produced by the National Theatre in Sibiu, the National Theatre in Brussels and Avignon Festival and presented in the official selection of Avignon Festival 2014; Tipografic majuscul, a production of dramAcum and Nitra Festival in Slovakia in partnership with Odeon Theatre for the project Parallel Lives – 20th Century Through the Eyes of the Secret Police.