Focus on artist: Mitoș Micleușanu

Duration 90′


Monday 11/10/2010 from 21:00 to 22:30

Film screening: Intensive Care and Broken
moderator: Cristian Grindean

Intensive Care is a “black parody” performance conceived as a kind of NLP. The male character (specialist in positive thinking) tries to teach his student to pronounce, as convincing and natural as she can, phrases such as “In Romania I feel great!”

Broken is a meditation on existential social dogmas. The main character, apparently a doctor or scientist, has an inner dialogue related to the limits of the “academic wisdom” as well to the institutions generating pathologies…

directed by: Mitoș Micleușanu
with: Monica Micleușanu (Intensive Care), Mitoș Micleușanu
scenography, sound and text: Mitoș Micleușanu
producer: Pneumaton Film

About the artists

Graduate of Fine Arts high school in Chișinău. He attended the Academy of Visual Arts Cluj.
Published books: Organismecanisme (2002), Tuba Mirum (2004), Kasa Poporului (2008). Co-founder of the Planet Moldova.

Graduate of UNATC Bucharest, Theatre Critique Department. Organizer of cultural events (theater, contemporary dance, music). Together with Mitoş Micleuşanu, she has started a creative workshop, Pneumaton Film, which focuses on development and film production (experimental, videoart, installation).