Festival opening

Duration 90′


Saturday 07/11/2015 from 14:00 to 15:30

Sharing commonalities: come together for the opening day of Temps d’Images!

Communion – come together with food!

The festival opens with a communal brunch to bring “every body” together -audience, artist, partners, organisers, friends and family – to honour last edition’s theme “What is feeding us?” and to introduce this year’s proposal of “the Common Body”.

With an indoor pick-nick at Fabrica de Pensule we invite everybody to bring their homemade food to a communal buffet. While sharing each other’s flavours and tastes, everyone can share their inspiration & influences in a hybridity of forms: with music, videos, photos, recipes, memories, sound recordings, letters, radio plays, notebooks, sketches, drawings… Feeding and eating together will give a common body to this communal journey for Temps d’Images 2015!

Bring your favourite food in a box to the communal buffet, we provide drinks, plates, forks, knives and chopsticks. Share your influences via our Facebook page or on the spot, digital or analogue, we provide a projector, an online computer, time to share and form a temporary common body!