FC Roma

Price free entrance
Duration 76′


Tuesday 07/11/2017 from 17:30 to 18:46

In the Czech Republic, an all-Roma soccer team from the bottom league works hard – not to win, but simply to play. Many teams choose to forfeit the game rather than play on the same field as Roma. And when they do get to play with others, they receive insults and repeated mentions of Hitler from players and spectators alike. This is the depth and breadth of racism in the Czech Republic, explored in this film not only on the soccer field, but also in clubs and in the daily life of the players. Elegant scenes vérité show the Roma players in all their humanity. Gradually the team’s perspective is empathetically transferred to the viewers. The sadness, absurdity, and even hilarity of the situation this soccer club finds itself in are all too familiar to the Romanian public.

script and directed by: Tomáš Bojar and Rozálie Kohoutová
cinematography: Rozálie Kohoutová, Jiří Chod
editing: Evženie Brabcová
producer: Pavla Janoušková Kubečková, nutprodukce and HBO Cehia
powered by: KineDok

About the artists

Tomáš Bojar (b. 1981), co-writer of the screenplays for director Pavel Abrahám’s films RAPublic (2008) and Two Nil (2012), filmed his directorial debut in tandem with Rosalie Kohoutová (b. 1985). She is well-known as the filmmaker of Stalin’s Spot from the Gottland anthology (2014) and Jenica & Perla (2015), a portrait of two Roma girls.