Cultural mediation / Audience Development

Duration 180′
Language Romanian/English


Thursday 13/11/2014 → Saturday 15/11/2014 from 14:30 to 17:30

Why cultural mediation, how and for whom? What does audience development mean and does this concept make any sense? During the workshop we will try to figure out answers to these questions. We will also become acquainted with different cultural mediation strategies for theatre, as well as with concepts such as theatre pedagogy, cultural education, drama in education, socio-political ramifications and their origins, using case studies from Germany. At the end we will develop a strategy for the Romanian Independent Performing Arts Platform.

trainer: Irina-Simona Bârcă, Theater an der Parkaue Berlin
With the support of Goethe Zentrum, Cluj
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About the artists

Irina-Simona Bârcă was born in 1987 in Sibiu, Romania. After attending acting studies in Bucharest she continued studying theatre pedagogy at the Osnabrück College in Germany. Currently she works in Berlin for the Theater an der Parkaue Junges Staatstheater Berlin.