Duration 30′


Wednesday 20/10/2010 from 18:00 to 18:30

The project Playing Identities: Migration, Creolization, Creation intends to inquire into the concept of “creolization” a specific mode of socio-cultural transformation in which different identities are put at stake. This vision, inspired by the poetic insight of E. Glissant, is here addressed to two different processes of creation. On one side Theatre, on the other Humanities and Social Sciences research.

In this artistic process we want to dialogue with the reality about our situation as workers. In the rule of art workers, we are trying to understand what is going on in this moment here in Romania. We will perform an action to show shortly what we understand about it, playing ironically around our awareness, our feelings, our efforts and our tragedy.

company: Balletto Civile (Italia) and Teatrul Imposibil (Romania) 
Balletto Civile 
directed by and choregraphy:
Emanuele Braga & Emanuela Serra
performers: Ramona Dumitrean, Romina Merei, Bogdan Rădulescu
scenography: Balletto Civile
video: Balletto Civile şi Daniela Neri
dramaturgy: Balletto Civile şi Cristinel Marian Nedea
production/coproduction: Santa Chiara Graduate School of the University of Siena, French Cultural Centre Cluj, laLut /Festival Voci di Fonte (Siena, Italy), Festival Errances (Conques, France), Laterna Magica (Budapest, Hungary), Poleski Art Center and AHE (Lodz, Poland)
in collaboration with: Cluj National Theatre

The performance is made in the frame of the project ”Playing Identities: Migration, Creolization, Creation”, supported by the European Comission – Cultural Project 2007-2013. 

About the artists

Balletto Civile is a company composed by actors and dancers that create their own original works. Core members are Emanuele Braga, Maurizio Camilli, Michela Lucenti (director), Emanuela Serra şi Ambra Chiarello. The group works around physical theatre, contemporary dance, writing, art theory and social commitment.