Ce n’est pas une chanson d’amour – premiere

Duration 55′


Saturday 27/09/2008 from 21:30 to 22:25

Friday night I’m going to dance. I’m dressing out nice and I go watch how they dance in Bucharest, I kiss chick-on-chick like Elena Ceaușescu, I watch the girls’ shoes and what they hide under the straw out of which they sip noisily. Or gentle. Saturday night I don’t get out. I’m obedient and clean for the Sunday morning service at the Stavropoleos Church where I go on foot, on an empty stomach. In the evening I eat well and Monday I wake up still in Bucharest, although, I would change it anytime with London (or with almost any civilized European capital).
Bucharest is no longer a love story.

directed by: Carmen Lidia Vidu
video/multimedia: Cristian Gherghel
sound/music: Ovidiu Chihaia
scenography: Doru Zanfir
with: Marius Manole, Florentina Țilea, Istvan Teglas and Paul Dunca
producer: ArtLink Association
coproducer: Club Fabrica

About the artists

Carmen Lidia Vidu – director – she obtained the prize Capul de regizor and the Prize for contemporary theatre at Terminal 00 – Slovenia for the direction of the show [o stație…], 2006.
Directed shows: Fool for Love, Sam Shepard, ACT Theatre, (2002), lecture-show Fata de mătase artificială, ACT Theatre, (2002), Bitter Sauce, performance, LUNI Theatre from Green Hours, (2004), I Hate Helen by Peca Stefan, ARCUB, (2005), [o stație…], by Peca Stefan, Comedy Theatre, (2006), Baby Smile, performance, Undercloud Theatre, 2006, Privighetoarea și trandafirul by Oscar Wilde, National Theatre, 2007.