ARTE by Night – 26 septembrie

La Motoare Terrace

2, Nicolae Bălcescu Boulevard (top of the National Theatre), Bucharest
Price free entrance


Friday 26/09/2008 from 21:30 to 23:00

choreography: Jose Montalvo and Dominique Hervieu
directed by: Marie-Hélène Rebois

Beautés cachées, sales histoires
choreography and directed by: Robyn Orlin

La Fontaine’s Fables
A series of short choreographic pieces made after La Fontaine’s fables
directed by: Marie-Hélène Rebois
”La Fontaine on stage without texts? What a bet! Are his words so powerful that they can be danced?”

The Heron
choreography: Satchie Noro and Alain Rigout

The Oak and the Reed
choreography: Mourad Merouki

La C et la F de la F
choreography: Herman Diephuis

The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse
choreography: Dominique Rebaud