…After All

My/One’s body has the tendency to become an archive; a virtual archive.

What can you do with all these things which piled up? At some point, you wish you could shake them off, but you can’t throw them.

You take another body; you open its valves; you select the archived debris; you put aside the recyclable items; you place them carefully in various parts of the new body; select all dreams, then throw them randomly in the new body; you wait a little; if nothing happens, have some patience; in the meantime, choose the accessories and add them to the new body; when everything is done, watch carefully; find an appropriate frame from an antique shop – it is very important; frame the result, turn on the TV. Watch a cartoon that you like.

concept: Vava Ştefănescu
choreography: Vava Ştefănescu, Carmen Coţofană
performer: Carmen Coţofană
video: Irina Stelea
costumes: Paul Dunca
lights: Cătălin Niculescu
producer: Asociația Colectiv A
coproducers: Centrul Zamek Ujazdowski pentru Artă Contemporană, Polonia, Centrul Național al Dansului București

About the artists

Vava Ştefănescu is already a resonant name in Romanian choreography, her artistic interest are turned to interdisciplinary projects. She creates numerous performances in collaboration with leading directors from Romania, but also shows where she forms her own artistic team. Quartet for a microphone, countless times presented in Romania and abroad, is the artistic ground where she meets with Julien Trambouze. Sound artist with astonishing capacity for invention, will accompany Vava’s work in Getto Blaster or Rest by Mihai Măniuţiu.
From these experiences, the two begin the Solo Tu adventure alongside visual artist Jessica Champlain and scene designer Damian Adrian

Carmen Coțofană graduated from the choreography section of UNATC Bucharest, and she studies with a Danceweb-Europe scholarship in Vienna. She participated in workshops with Gigi Căciuleanu, Karine Saporta, Jean-Marc Heim, Jean Jerregaard, Pascal Alio, Mark Tompkins, Carol Brawn, Charles Lineham, Allison Green, Vera Mantero, Sebastian Prantl, David Zambrano, DD Dorvillier, Xavier Le Roy.

Personal projects: Recycle Me; Stage Psychosis; Free Megaestrasuperhyper; Step Forward; Take Five. She performs in 8 Days a Week, choreography by Eduard Gabia, Cvartet pentru o lavalieră, concept Vava Ștefănescu, Dedublarea; Iluzionistele, choreography by Mădălina Dan, Body Scape III, choreography by Sebastian Prantl, Ready (Modern) Made, choreography by Florin Fieroiu. She choreographs theatre-dance performances directed by Gianina Cărbunariu: Poimâine alaltăieri; Sado-Maso Blues Bar; Mady-Baby.edu etc.