10 Studies About Love with Small ”L”

The story of any wedding.
Ten characters . Ten mouths and twenty eyes.
Too many points of view.
An invitation to the public to find the quiet meaning of couple relationships through the uproar of the Wedding.

concept: Lucia Mărneanu and Andrei Mărginean
directed by/script: Lucia Mărneanu
with: Lucia Mărneanu and Andrei Mărginean
video: live retroprojections by Andrei Mărginean
producer: GroundFloor Group


About the artists

Lucia Mărneanu graduated from the Faculty of Theater and Television Cluj (UBB, 2013) and the Faculty of Fine Arts (UAD, 2010). 10 studies… is her first independent project. Lucia is interested in ways to say/distort/empower a story by appealing to the grotesque and extra-theatrical means.

Andrei Mărginean graduated from UAD Cluj-Napoca, the Illustration-Animation department. His main activity field is the experimental analogue video (retroprojections). Passing through this environment various organic and recycled objects, he tries to create a magical world.