Temps D’Images 2016: Post.bankruptcy
7-13 November 2016

Although the theme of the 9th edition of the festival Temps D’Images seems to announce a dramatic, disastrous and imminent ending, we actually intend to draw attention to what comes after we admit failure or defeat. What do we do after we’ve understood and visualised the end? In 2016 we are talking about the failure of a way of functioning, about the impossibility of making the changes we want and about acknowledging the exhaustion of resources.

Contemporary society seems to rely on economic, political, institutional, educational and relational practices which don’t correspond to today’s needs, thus determining us to seek new ways of functioning. However, as every year, we have not prepared solutions for the issues which concern us, but we would rather try to take the subject further by asking questions that can stimulate a common change of perspective.

What is the point in admitting bankruptcy? What stimulates us to escape the overwhelming failure? How do we transform the current paradigm? How can we recompose the present in order to imagine a possible future?

Post.bankruptcy – a theme we are approaching together with our guest artists in order to provoke our imagination in conditions of maximum lucidity: yes, it’s over, but what comes next?