Temps d’Images 2013: Solidarity
9-17 November 2013

In these times of social, political and economic crisis, the relevance of art is a certainty: art reflects reality and delivers a fresh and critical view on it.

This year’s theme, Solidarity, came naturally after last year’s choice to talk about the future. Together we saw that future has a collective author and it depends a lot on each and everyone’s involvement in society. During the 6th edition of Temps d’Images, we are questioning what makes us come together, empathize, make us open towards the ones that are different, about the internal mechanisms that trigger the sense of solidarity.

The performances, lectures and the debates will present artistic perspectives about events marked by solidarity or the lack of it. The organizers of the Festival confront the artists and the spectators with moments of encounter and dialogue, of learning together. We invite our audience to meet artists that are opening new horizons in places where economy, politics and mass media show us only singular perspectives.

Art opens new ways and unites us.