Temps d’Images 2012: Artivate yourself!
9-16 November 2012

If for the last edition we tried to present an image of the contemporary society through the artistic projects that we invited in the Festival, for this year we wish to provoke the public to make an exercise in order to imagine the future in a moment when the present occupies all our time.

Each of us thinks of the future and through this theme we’re opening a dialog space between the artists and the audience. The everyday living inspires us to be active citizens, to present performances that stimulate our public to think for themselves, to be aware of the subtle changes, to be part of the community, etc.

We still believe in the young and valuable artists from Romania and support them by organizing, during the Festival, the second edition of the Independent Performing Arts Platform. The selected performances are talking about important subjects for the contemporary society such as the virtual dependence, the economical and political changes which affects our society in the past years, human rights issues, riots occurred in the last years and so on.

Temps d’Images festival is a platform for ideas and dialogue on the premise that only through communication and involvement we can reach solutions that meet the needs of society. Only we, together, can act for change and we can influence our future.

We are the future!