Temps d’Images 2009 – Experiment!
9-15 November 2009

ArtLink Association organizes in Romania the second edition of the international Festival of theatre, contemporary dance and video image, Temps d’Images, which starting this year on, will be presented in Cluj.

We find it necessary that an international event of European proportions should take place in Cluj, a city with many important artists who deserve more attention on a national and international level. Furthermore we can speak about an open public, interested in new experiences and innovative projects.

We appreciate the artistic dynamics of Cluj and Temps d’Images comes to meet the existing demands by promoting the artists and developing a cultural offer for a diverse and exigent public. This year’s offer is made out of 6 shows, 3 performances, 4 chantiers with choreographers and visual artists, a workshop for students, a conference, an audio-video event and a video-dance film projection.

We are not in front of a “colonizing” event, in which the exchange is in one direction only. We want to make the city gain in value by integrating in the Festival its patrimony through the creation of special projects (some of them site-specific) in locations like Tailors’ Tower and the Paintbrush Factory.

We aim for Temps d’Images to become one of those extraordinary annual meetings of Cluj which will animate the city and open new perspectives for its inhabitants.

We are facing an exciting start for both sides: the public will take contact with new performance forms and contemporary artistic approaches and the organizers respond to a challenge by meeting a new city.

We think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!