Temps d’Images 2008: Watch!
22-30 September 2008

Created in the year 2002 by the television channel ARTE and by La Ferme du Buisson – The National Scene Marne la Valee from France, the project Temps d’Images, festival of theatre, dance and image developed at European level, is now taking place in ten countries: Belgium, Estonia, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Poland, Romania, Hungary and Turkey.

Temps d’Images is an European interdisciplinary project which aims to create communication bridges between artists from performing arts and visual arts in order to create new artistic forms. The focus is on the dialectical relationship between the scene and the filmed image, between real characters and the projected images. The characteristic of the shows from Temps d’Images lays in the attempt to bring an equilibrium between now and then, between live and recorded, using the video or multimedia image as a dramaturgical element essential in the performing arts.

Temps d’Images contributes to the sustaining of the interdisciplinary creation and artistic research through the realization of international coproductions, of the research chantiers, establishing itself as a label for the artists with interdisciplinary concerns. Through the European project its organizers aim to accompany financially and logistically the young artists in their creation demarches and to offer them a high-quality frame of visibility.