Cyril Teste

Cyril Teste. After studying Fine Arts, Cyril Teste follows classes of dramatic arts, first in Ecole Régionale d’Acteur de Cannes, then in the National Superior Conservatoire of Dramatic Arts in Paris. This double specialization determines him to put face to face the universe of fine arts and that of the stage. Starting to direct, he will confront the reality of the stage with the virtual reality of the video image, most of the time obtained and transmitted in real time. Thus he staged Alice underground after Lewis Caroll, Anatomie Ajax, after Sophocle, Shot, Direct, Paradiscount and (f)lux by Patrick Bouvet and Electronic City by Falk Richter. Simultaneously he does workshops and installations based on the relation between actor and video image. As an actor, he worked with Olivier Py, Lucie Tiberghien, Robert Cantarella, Claude Stratz, Bernard Sobel, Béatrice Houplain, Georges Aperghis.

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