there is more than one way to manufacture

Price 25 lei / 15 lei (reduced)
Duration 60′


Sunday 12/11/2017 from 21:00 to 22:00

there is more than one way to manufacture (tism to watoma) is a project made by associate artists of the Universal Pleasure Factory in the format of a concert. The concept behind tism to watoma is to create a discourse about contemporary music written within the aesthetics of pop culture. By reshaping hit songs from the 20th and 21th centuries, the question arises: what is the real subject of the nostalgia that is enabled while listening to familiar tunes? Does this feeling alter if we change its subject?

by and with: Panna Adorjáni, László Bakk-Dávid, zsolt bodoki-halmen, Dani Láng, Kinga Ötvös
producer: Universal Pleasure Factory

Panna is a theatre, text and sound maker and she is interested in deconstructing hierarchies in her work. László was born in music, expressing himself through music, composing for theatre as well as stand-alone contemporary music. zsolt is a composer, wannabe-informatician, housekeeper, bicycle repairman, carpenter, sound-engineer assistant, a voyager in the realm of sounds. Dani is excited to define himself as a musician. He is in a long-term relationship with percussion instruments. Kinga studied classical canto, opera and acting. Her ever changing interests give her work an unusual and experimental flavor.

About the artists

Universal Pleasure Factory is an association based in Romania, working on performing arts and cultural projects that facilitate the collaboration between artists on an international level. Our goal is to help them connect on a very personal, peer to peer level, because we believe that personal, direct experiences have the biggest impact on us, so on our work as well. Thus we always try to not to frame our projects, to keep it as close to the reality of everyday life as possible, keep it non-institutionalised. This means that the form and structure of our projects always change, depending on the needs of the given artist or commission.