Nude of a Black-Haired Woman

Duration 45′
Language no text


Tuesday 10/11/2015 from 21:00 to 21:45

For this performance Andreea David worked in a solitary space, in which the only observer was her critical eye, through the camera. In this context, she became the subject of her own aesthetic judgement. By knowing it is watched, the nude body adjust itself immediately. The performance explores the fetishising of the nude female body and its different aspects on the level of the image.

by & with: Andreea David

recommended 18+

About the artists

Andreea David is a performer and architect. Her works are presented in festivals like Explore Dance Festival Bucharest, ImpulsTanz Vienna, Temps d’Images Cluj and Like CNDB. She works solo or in collaboration. In 2015, she initiated the Laboratory for Common Practices, a system of work and experiment in which choreographic practices are shared and developed within a group.