Interdisciplinary chantier: Peer Gynt

The basic idea of the Temps d’Images festival is researching the relationship between the performer and the video projection. Based on this idea, we try to transform the relationship between the characters of Henrik Ibsen drama: Peer Gynt in images, using 3D technology. Our goal is to create harmony between character (actor), animation, live image, the usual 2D projection, 3D projection taking into account the drama’s basic ideas. We try to create a short play using a tendered space for both the actor and the video projection. We hope that the association between advanced technology and human will illustrate the atmosphere and theme offered by Peer Gynt.

directed by: Albu István and Bársony Julia
choregraphy: Kántor Kata
video: Juhász András, Taskovics Éva
artists: 10 students from the Faculty of Theatre and Television, UBB Cluj
scenography: Gyenei Péter
sound/music: Tesfay Áron
light design: Mervel Miklós
costumes: Gyenei Péter
text: Henrik Ibsen
coproduction: Colectiv A & Trafó Budapesta