Extraordinary Congress of the Presidential Candidates

Duration 60′


Wednesday 13/11/2013 from 18:00 to 19:00

A presidential candidate is primarily an interface between the economic interests of the important people and the needs of the common people. He has to have the ability to make the latter believe that their exploitation and the capturing of value from them is for their own good. In Cluj we will start the process of acquiring these basic skills, and we will learn how to deflate and annihilate important political and environmental problems like Save Roșia Montana, fracking shale gas extraction, GMO agriculture, etc. Come to our workshop for improving and professionalizing the presidential candidates. You never know when the time will come for you to candidate. Somewhere deep in your heart you know that you have what it gets to be a president. At the end of the workshop you have the chance to meet the electorate for the first time during the Extraordinary Congress of the Presidential Candidates.

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