Duration 40′


Wednesday 20/10/2010 from 20:00 to 20:40

Following the exploration of the loss, once again, the idea of the fall and the course is exposed, in a hazy zone. For the performance, in a vacuum, two characters confront their technique and purposes. The bodies draw a topography consisting of directions and areas. Two projection surfaces, the background and the foreground to support the image and text. A representation which oscillates between fight and game, before the collapse.
It is someone who can no longer remember what he was thinking. The origin of his ideas has become a reality external to him. The text which reports us that loss scrolls across a screen, in a changeable way. A voice is heard. It attempts to redefine a starting point, an origin, starting from the person himself. From where he is.

company: A.lter S.essio (Franța)
concept, images, sound, programming: Fabrice Planquette
choreography: Yum, Nelson Reguera, Gianni Joseph
performers: Yum, Gianni Joseph
texts, voice: Arnaud Michniak
costumes: Yum, Fabrice Planquette
video technique, images and directed by: Thierry Wilmort, Sophie Leconte
lights: Julien Dufour
production manager: Diane Lara
broadcasting and management: Charlotte Auché
production: Panem Et Circenses
partners: Festival de Saint Riquier, Conseil régional de Picardie, DRAC Picardie, La Lune des Pirates, Maison de la Culture d’Amiens
thanks: French Cultural Centre Cluj


About the artists

A.lter S.essio is a section led by Fabrice Planquette in artistic direction since 1998. Each project is the result of a specific research, interdisciplinary and interactive among the team. Fabrice Planquette worked mainly as sound designer and composer in the large field of experimental music, sound poetry, installation and performances. He was awarded the 2006 Villa Kujoyama grant in Kyoto.